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American Roads respects the privacy of patrons who have provided personal information in order to open toll accounts. This statement describes American Roads’ current policy and procedures and should not be interpreted as a contractual agreement. American Roads’ is subject to Federal and State statutory requirements and may amend its privacy policy at any time without notice.

What we do with information we obtain from toll patrons

We use the data we obtain from you to:

  • Establish your toll account
  • Maintain your account balance
  • Process toll payments and any administrative fees electronically
  • Notify you of changes in your account status
  • Provide you with periodic statements about activity in your account.

We also provide information in response to subpoenas and court orders for violation enforcement. The information provided is limited to that specifically required.

What we do not use patron information for

We do not volunteer information about you to other individuals. We do not sell data about our customers to marketing firms. We do not provide specific patron account or activity data to other organizations except as required by law and for violation enforcement.

How we protect your privacy

We use encryption on our website to help prevent interception by unauthorized parties. We do not place “cookies” on your PC when you visit our website. We release information about account activity only to individuals who provide authorized identification.

Access to your toll information is limited to a limited number of our employees who need that information in order to perform their jobs. Access by outside parties is not allowed. In some instances, we will share patron information:

  • With law enforcement agencies conducting criminal investigations. Such requests are normally submitted in person or in writing. Subpoenas and court orders are reviewed. If questionable, they are forwarded to corporate counsel prior to our responding.
  • In summary form [i.e. not specific to any individual patron] to state, federal or local governments. We do not provide information to individuals or private organizations who request data for research.

Additional Information

American Roads does not sell products or services for purchase by children. Neither this website nor any activities by American Roads are directed toward children.

Your interaction with American Roads through this website, and any dispute related to any privacy issue, shall be subject to and governed by this Privacy Policy Statement and our Terms of Use.

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