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Start saving gas, time and trees crossing the Detroit Windsor Border with a NEXPRESS® TOLL account!

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  • Make crossing the border using the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel a breeze;
  • Manage your account online without paper and save some trees!
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Cross the Detroit Windsor border with ease!

Your NEXPRESS TOLL account allows you to wave your NEXUS or NEXPRESS TOLL card at the toll readers and get on your way.

  • No fumbling for change.
  • No wasted time stopping to make a payment.
  • No waiting in cash or credit lanes.
  • No need to use an attended lane again!

It's simple, convenient and fast!


We look forward to helping you cross the Detroit Windsor border as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Questions? Please contact us here or at 313-567-4422, ext. 200 or (519) 258-7424, ext. 200.

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