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Give the gift of Toll

It's time to save money and cross the Detroit Windsor border faster than ever!

NEXPRESS ® TOLL is available in all toll lanes in Detroit and Windsor.

For your added convenience NexPress Toll is now available using a Windshield tag (Limit five tags at no charge per account) or Nexus Card.

With NEXPRESS ® TOLL, you simply wave your NEXUS or drive through the lane with your NEXPRESS Windshield tag(s) at the toll readers and cross the Detroit Windsor border!

  • No fumbling for change.
  • No wasted time stopping to make a payment.
  • No waiting to use a cash lane.
  • No need to use an attended lane again!

It's simple, convenient and fast!

Want a NEXPRESS ® Windshield tag?

Create an account by clicking here. You don't need a NEXUS card to get a NEXPRESS ® Windshield Tag.

  1. Load your account with a minimum of $100 in your preferred currency using Visa, Master Card or Discover.
  2. After your payment is submitted, the NEXPRESS Help Desk will mail your NEXPRESS ® Windshield Tag within 10 business days.

Or apply by mail:

  1. Download your application here
  2. Mail your application along with a check for $100 made payable to "Detroit Windsor Tunnel, LLC" to:

    Detroit Windsor Tunnel
    100 East Jefferson
    Detroit, Michigan
    OR Detroit Windsor Tunnel
    555 Goyeau
    Windsor, Ontario
    N9A 1H1
  3. We will mail your NEXPRESS ® Windshield Tag to you within 10 business days from the date we receive your initial deposit of $100.

How to use NEXPRESS ® TOLL.

With a Windshield tag you just drive into a lane and when the tag is read by the reader the gate will go up. The toll will be deducted from your account balance and you will be on your way! The windshield tag should be attached to upper left corner of your windshield to work properly. Note windshield tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

New customers can request that their Nexus card be used for toll purposes during the sign-up process. Existing customers can log in to their account, click on "Edit Toll Cards", and add their Nexus card to their account. Then, click on the accompanying picture of the printer that is shown, and print the barcode. Take the barcode to an attended lane in Windsor or Detroit, along with your Nexus card, where the collector will link your account to your Nexus card.

It's that easy!

Need to Reload Your Windshield tag or Nexus Card?

With Nexpress ® your Windshield tag(s) will automatically reload when your balance reaches $10.00.

Otherwise, you can go to to reload your card online, or mail us a check.

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